West Liberty Foods believes that our most valuable asset is the people who make up the company and produce our products. We believe that quality performance by our people will assure the finest products on the market and competitive prices that will generate growth; growth which produces opportunities and security for all of us. 

We are committed to developing our team members which is critical for achieving the organization's vision and goals. Great business performance starts with a great workplace, and a great workplace comes from a company's culture. As part of our dedication to our workforce, West Liberty Foods strives to offer many great benefits and recognition to our team members. Here are a few ways we do:

  • Through our company Wellness program we have been able to promote  and provide tools that show how to live a healthier lifestyle
  • Offer Lunch and Learn programs that allow all team members to attend information sessions on how they can improve physical and mental health all while eating lunch
  • Conducting company-wide leadership competency training to strengthen and develop our team members
  • Educational assistance for team members who would like to further their education 
  • Volunteer opportunities in area communities and schools
  • Honor retirees and distribute service awards to those associates with outstanding work ethic, and for those who have contributed greatly to the success and longevity of West Liberty Foods


West Liberty Foods promotes safety not only at work, but at home too. We have launched a company-wide safety program that ensures the personal safety of all our team members. We have great programs such as Behavioral Based Safety Program, and the Voluntary Protection Program, also known as the OSHA Challenge. We also belong to national safety organizations such as the National Safety Council showing our commitment to the safety and well-being of the West Liberty Foods organization.


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