West Liberty Foods has made it a priority to become a more sustainable company and has set a company-wide goal of reducing waste by 5%.

West Liberty Foods has saved the equivalent of the following over the past year:

    • 44,506 Trees 
    • 18,326,000 Gallons of Water
    • 1,212,134 Gallons of Oil
    • 2,618 Total Tons of Cardboard/Paper Recycled from All Facilities
    • 8,011 Cubic Yards of Landfill Space Saved
    • Enough electricity to power 1,309 homes for 1 year

Here are some other ways that we have become more sustainable:

  • The West Liberty facility replaced old overhead lighting with high efficiency non-metallic sealed fluorescent fixtures.  This environmental benefits of this project are equivalent to:
    • Taking 183 cars off the road every year
    • Planting 3,173 trees every year
    • Reducing carbon dioxide usage by 2,115,500 lbs per year
  • Committees named Core Teams were formed at each production location that are in charge of projects such as cardboard/paper recycling/reduction, electricity reduction, and water reduction.
  • The West Liberty and Mt. Pleasant facilities donate otherwise useless wastewater sludge to a dairy digester.  This sludge will be used to make methane gas which will then be converted to energy.
  • The Tremonton facility has a built-in wastewater treatment facility. This ensures that the City of Tremonton will stay within their required limits with the Department of Environmental Quality and has reduced the load on the city's wastewater treatment plant.
  • The West Liberty facility was the first turkey facility in the United States to receive an ISO-14001 Certification. Our Mt. Pleasant and Tremonton facilities have since become ISO-14001 Certified.

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